Coco-nutty Fruit Bake

Here's another great coconut diet recipe from Swanson Health Products

* 4 organic Fuji apples, cored and sliced, but NOT peeled (other apples are also fine)
* 2 1/2 teaspoons Swanson Organic Ground Cinnamon
* 2 Tablespoons organic unsalted butter
* 3 Tablespoons Swanson Organic Coconut Oil
* 1/3 cup Swanson Organic Thompson Seedless Raisins
* 1/4 cup Swanson Organic Turkish Apricots, cut in quarters
* 1/3 cup dried organic currants
* 1/4 cup Eden Foods Dried Montmorency Cherries
* 1/3 cup dried Eden Foods Organic Cranberries
* 1/3 cup dates, chopped (optional)
* 2 cups boiling water, approximately
* 1 1/2 cups Swanson Organic Walnuts, broken
* 1 cup Swanson Organic Coconut Flakes
* 1/2 cup Now Foods Organic Pure Maple Syrup

1. Put sliced, unpeeled apples in a Ziploc bag with the Cinnamon and shake to coat all pieces. Refrigerate while you proceed with the rest of the recipe. Will keep 24 hours.

2. Put all the dried fruit, EXCEPT the dates, in a bowl, and cover with the boiling water. If less than 2 cups covers the fruit, that is fine. Let sit about 20-30 minutes, while you proceed with the rest of the recipe.

3. Mix the walnut pieces with the maple syrup (or honey) and set aside.

4. In a 13x9 baking dish, melt the butter and coconut oil in a 350 degree oven and tilt to coat pan and mix. Toss the apples and cinnamon in the pan until coated, and spread to cover evenly.

5. Drain the water from the dried fruit (reserving water to cook carrots, rice, etc., in for later, if desired). Mix the fruit together and sprinkle evenly over the apples. Sprinkle on the chopped dates.

6. Bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. Remove from oven and top with Maple-coated walnuts and coconut. Return to oven for 6-8 minutes.

Delicious warm. It keeps well and can be reheated in a 350 degree oven.
Makes 15 servings.

Serving suggestions:
Scoop a generous serving straight from the oven and place in glass stemware; then drizzle a tablespoon of vanilla bean ice-cream over the warm fruit and nut mixture. You can also prepare coco-nutty fruit bake in advance and reheat at 350 for 10 minutes just before serving; 7-ounce ramekin cups nicely hold a personal-size dessert serving. This versatile dish also makes a great snack either chilled or consumed at room temperature.

Nutrition Facts:
Per serving: 251 calories, 2.78g protein, 13.81g fat, 30.71g carbohydrates, 3.71g fiber, 3.84g sodium

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