Summer Snacking Tips

Snacking Can Be Good For You

Snacking has become a way of life for both adults and children. A recent study reported that over 95 percent of people in the United States have at least one snack each day. Many common snack foods are high in fat, sugar and sodium. When consumed frequently, these foods can undermine our health.

Snacks can be good for us if we make good choices. Children especially may benefit from healthy snacks. They often can't eat enough at three meals a day to satisfy their hunger and provide all of the nutrients they need. Snacks can provide the additional foods they need.

Some Snacking Tips:

Plan snacks as a part of the day's food plan. This is a great way to get in those extra servings of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, healthy fats, protein and nuts.

Set aside a "snack spot" in the refrigerator and cupboard; keep it stocked with nutritious ready-to-eat snacks.

Offer snacks at regular times, such as mid-morning and mid-afternoon. Don't nibble constantly during the day.

Avoid white sugar, corn syrup, white flour and bad fats, found in prepared foods like candy, potato chips, pastries and soda pop.

Many traditional snacks can be healthy snacks. A piece of fresh fruit, carrot and celery sticks, nuts, and yogurt are just a few examples of healthy snacks.

Avoid microwave popcorn. Instead try homemade popcorn popped in coconut oil and dotted with real organic butter and sea salt. (And it tastes a lot better!)

Other foods can become healthy snacks with only a few modifications, such as homemade corn tortilla chips fried in coconut oil and/or palm oil. These are great with fresh homemade salsa.

For a high-energy snack eat some organic cheese and sausage slices.

Try some almond butter spread on celery sticks.

A favorite of mine is mixing a can of dry roasted macadamia nuts together with some Ghirardelli bittersweet chocolate chips, like trail mix. Add other favorite healthy ingredients like dried fruit and raw nuts, if you like.

So, enjoy snacking. Snack on the healthy foods that you love. It can be a great way to add more nutrition to you and your family's diet.

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